Membership Information


Any individual wishing to become a member must attend a monthly meeting and fill out an application, he/she can attend the meeting but cannot participate or vote during the meeting. There will be an Advisory Board meeting after the regular meeting or some other time before the next regular monthly meeting to address the membership application. If the application is approved the new member will be notified before the next regular monthly meeting. At the first regular meeting the new member attends they will be required to pay their membership dues and will be given a gate key, door combination and voting privileges. Only the President can make allowances for any applicant who may not be able to attend a regular scheduled meeting. The President or Secretary ONLY will be able to hand out keys if a member cannot attend a meeting. The member will be responsible for making arrangements with the President/Secretary to pick up their key. No member will be allowed to pass on a key without the permission of the President.

•See Club Guidelines for complete membership information

For 2022 Membership fees are as follows:

Active members must complete a work assignment and work at the Annual Jamboree shoot.  

Regular Jr: $15.00
Regular Active Single: $30.00
Regular Active Family: $35.00
Non-Active Single: $130.00
Non-Active Family: $135.00

*Regular Life Single: $300.00
*Regular Life Family: $350.00
*Must be an Active member for 3 consecutive years before joining as a Life Member