Club Yearly Info

March 5th,  2021

Club Guidelines

To All Club Members

Let all members of the White River Bowhunters, Inc. know that the following guidelines are set down by the members each year in March, to insure that each and every member will be provided with the most complete, safe, prosperous and organized club possible.

These guidelines are not to conflict with our Constitution and By-Laws. These guidelines allow us to run our organization more efficiently, without having to constantly amend our By-Laws. (Note- often when amending our By-Laws they have to be changed thru the state and must always by done with the aid of the club’s lawyer)

Club guidelines should not conflict with this procedure.

These guidelines will be reviewed each year and the membership will add, delete or change them as they feel necessary. No changes may be made unless all members are notified by mail prior to such meeting held for this purpose.

1: When a motion is made to outsource work or purchase large ticket items (example new ATV, or any purchase over $2500.00) the motion will be referred to the Advisory Board for their recommendations and to get bids. The membership will be notified in the monthly newsletter when a vote is to be taken on the outsourced work or large ticket item purchase. If the membership votes to approve the purchase, it will be forward to the Board of Directors for final approval.

2: Any individual wishing to become a member must attend a monthly meeting and fill out a application, he/she can attend the meeting but cannot participate or vote during the meeting. There will be an Advisory Board meeting after the regular meeting or some other time before the next regular monthly meeting to address the membership application. If the application is approved the new member will be notified before the next regular monthly meeting. At the first regular meeting the new member attends they will be required to pay their membership dues and will be given a gate key, door combination and voting privileges. Only the President can make allowances for any applicant who may not be able to attend a regular scheduled meeting. The President ONLY will be able to hand out keys if a member cannot attend a meeting. The member will be responsible for making arrangements with the President to pick up their key. No member will be allowed to pass on a key without the permission of the President.

3: There will be no firearms discharged on the club grounds at any time unless during a sanctioned event.

4: There will be no vehicles allowed on the wooded portion of the range unless it is in performance of range maintenance.

5: Club members with a working membership will be required to work a scheduled club shoot, work party or any other activity approved ONLY by the Advisory Board or Shoot Chairman. If a member needs to get their time in and cannot work any of the scheduled work dates, they must get in touch with an Advisory Board member or attend a monthly meeting to set up a time to do so. The work can be anything the Advisory Board ONLY deems necessary. Members must get approval from an Advisory Board member before doing any type of work to the grounds or buildings. The member will be responsible for getting their time in. Any member who signed up for a working membership and did not get their time in, will not be eligible for a working membership the following year. They will have to pay a non-working membership for one year before being eligible for a working membership again. If they don’t get their time in again they will not be eligible for a working membership again. The Advisory board may make exceptions to the memberships if special circumstances should arise. Membership dues are due the last day of January each year. if dues are not paid by the last day of April of that year, the member in question will be passed on to the Charter Board for termination of membership. Any membership dues paid after the last day of October will be good for the following year.

6: The locks on the club gate will be changed each year at May meeting. The Secretary will issue each new member a key to said lock when their dues are paid up to date. $l.00 will be charged, if a member does not have the previous year’s gate key to exchange. All club keys will be stored in the furnace room and keys to this area will be issued on a as needed basis, authorized by the club president.

7: Broad-head type points will not be used on the practice range except on authorized targets. At no time will broad-heads be shot into the indoor bales at the clubhouse.

8: At no time will any member charge merchandise or services to the club without authorization from the membership, or a majority of the Advisory Board. Any member doing so will do so at their own risk and cannot expect restitution from the club.

9: No alterations to the club facilities will be made without proper authorization from the membership, or a majority of the Advisory Board.

10: During scheduled work parties all ranges will be closed for practice. This is to insure safety and help maintain morale among workers.

11: Any one misusing club facilities or causing a loss of income to the club will be required to reimburse the club or suffer loss of membership.

12: No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the shooting ranges during a sanctioned shoot. The Advisory Board will post no drinking signs in the clubhouse as they deem necessary.

13: Any one conducting themselves in an un-sportsman like manner will be asked to leave the facilities. (Consult an officer of the club prior to acting)

14: Indoor range shooting fees will be $l.00 per person (member), $1.25 per person (non-member) (per occurrence-no heat). Add $5.00 per hour with heat.

15: Use of club facilities will be handled on a individual basis. Scheduling will be done by the President and Recording Secretary. Scheduling should be done 45 days in advance (when possible) and requires a club member to be responsible.

16: All price and quantity of trophies will be decided on by the membership. ( or by the majority of the Advisory Board in an emergency)

17: Scheduling of all shoots will be done by the Advisory Board and approved by the membership at a regular monthly meeting.

18: Flowers will be sent to the family of any club member who incurs a death in his or her immediate family. Cards will be sent in all other cases. Only the club president or recording secretary will be authorized to order flowers. Immediate family will include: (spouse, children in the house, parents). Immediate family same for a members spouse. Anyone hearing of a death in a club members family should notify the club president or secretary.

19: Individuals using the club facilities who are not members should be approached and ask to join the club. Any individual who continues to use the club facilities without joining should be referred to the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will notify this individual they are not to use the facilities any further unless they join the club. Any violation of the Advisory Boards instructions will be dealt with thru legal channels, and the individual will be notified of the clubs intention.

20: All individuals using any club owned equipment (tractor, chain saws, O.R.V.’s, mowers, etc) will read and abide by the equipments users manual. No equipment will be used without the proper safety manuals being read and the proper safety equipment required being used.

21: There will be no hunting of any kind on any grounds, owned or leased by White River Bowhunters, Inc. (Insurance clause).

Vanessa Arthur